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Author: Designer Roofing

Author: Designer Roofing

Metal Roof Design Resources

Design & Inspiration Resources For Your Home’s New Metal Roof Some of us just love to plan home renovation projects, scrolling through Pinterest from the comfort of our couch, and imagining what the house would look like with a new pool, new landscaping, or a new addition over the garage.

What To Look For In A Roof When Buying A New Home

Before you make an offer on your new dream home, make sure its roof is up to the job.

How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Texas Heat

How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Texas Heat  Most families in Texas spend hundreds of dollars a month keeping their home cool — and at this time of the year, Texas summer heat is about to go into overdrive. When temperatures are in the triple digits, how can you keep your home cool

Do I Need A New Roof?

Do I Need A New Roof? How do you know when you need a new roof? That’s one of the most common questions we get. And getting a new roof is a big investment, so it makes sense that you’d want to wait until roof replacement is really necessary. Of

Metal Roofing For Your Historic Home

It’s easy to fall in love with a historic home or neighborhood. Historic homes have charm and beauty, as well as architectural significance. Plus, the character and charm of an old home can be hard to replicate!

6 Important Benefits of A Regular Roof Inspection

Why get a roof inspection? Like regularly changing the oil in your car and getting tires rotated, it’s an important part of maintenance that will save you money (and headaches!) down the road. And when your home is the most valuable asset you own, it pays to be responsible in

Do I Really Need A Roof Inspection?

I’ll bet you never think about the roof over your head until something goes wrong. I know I don’t! But then there’s a telltale damp patch on the ceiling – or even worse, a leak! – and suddenly we have to shift into damage control. They say “an ounce of

Tamko Lamarite Slate Has Been Discontinued! What To Do If You Have A Lamarite Roof

If you have a roof made of Tamko Lamarite, you might be in for a nasty surprise. After a deluge of consumer complaints, including premature cracking, curling, and delamination , Tamko has discontinued their Lamarite Slate product. That means your Lamarite roof isn’t doing its job of protecting your home, family,

The Homeowner’s Guide To Roofing Terms

Don’t just nod and smile when your contractor starts throwing around confusing roofing terminology! Our glossary of the most common roofing terms will help you make educated decisions regarding your roofing project, and give you confidence when it’s time to sign the check. This guide should help you understand all

How Long Does A Roof Last In Texas?

How Long Does A Roof Last In Texas? How long does a Stone Coated Steel roof last? How long does a Standing Seam roof last? How long does a Copper roof last? While the material used for your roof will have the biggest impact on its longevity, there are other

Do Metal Roofs Interfere With Cell Phone Reception?

The short answer: Usually not! It’s pretty unlikely that getting a metal roof on your home will drastically change your cell phone signal. Read on to find out why, and what you can do if you are struggling to get a cell phone signal in your home. Metal Roofs and

What To Do About Hail Damage On Your Roof

(This is Part 2 of our blog series on hail storms. For Part 1, see How To Prepare Your Home For Hail Storms.) A significant percentage of roofs that are hit by hail don’t get replaced because homeowners can’t see the damage from the ground. But even seemingly minor hail

How to Prepare Your Home for Hail Storms

While spring signals that hot weather is just around the corner, it also marks the start of hail season. Texas homeowners can typically expect hail and heavy storms from March through June each year, and they can cause a lot of damage. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent all hailstorm damage. However,

Choosing The Best Metal Roof Colors For Your Homes

Choosing The Best Metal Roof Colors For Your Homes You’ve finally decided on a metal roof for your home (because of their many benefits!) and it’s on to the next choice: what color? You’ll want to select a roof color that not only matches the exterior of your home, but

Buying a New Home? A Roof Inspection Will Save you Money.

Buying a New Home? A Roof Inspection Will Save You Money. Buying a new home is a huge life decision. Prospective buyers know they need to make sure their new dream home has a sound foundation and safe electrical wiring, but inspecting the roof is often overlooked. This is surprising,

Help, I Have a Leaking Roof! Here’s What to Do.

Help, I Have a Leaking Roof! Here’s What to Do. Unfortunately, the most likely time to discover your roof has a leak is during a heavy rainstorm. You are cozy inside, sheltering from the rain, dry and protected from the storm outside – or so you thought! Then suddenly you

Don’t Staple Christmas Lights to Your Roof!

Oh, the festive joy of the holidays, with eggnog, presents, and a house covered in sparkly Christmas lights. Whether you’re just in it for some pretty Christmas decoration, or you’re at all-out war to be more impressive than the neighbors, Designer Roofing wants to help you stay safe and protect your home from damage this holiday season.

What is a Composition Roof?

A composition shingle is made of a “composite” of materials that include a base mat, asphalt on both sides, and granules on top. We tend to say “composition shingle” because it’s the technically correct term in the roofing industry, but if you ask us about asphalt roofing options we’ll know exactly what you mean.

15 Top Questions About Metal Roofing, Answered

We’ve found that more and more of our customers are interested in the beauty and durability of metal roofing – and also, that they have a lot of questions about it! Well, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled the top 15 questions we get about metal roofs and answered them here.

6 Amazing Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home

For decades, traditional asphalt composition shingles have been the default choice for home roofing. But in recent years, several stunning new metal roofing options have become available, and they have some pretty impressive benefits.