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Dallas Roofing Company – Finding the Best Roofing Company

Dallas roofing contractors doing a roof repair In other regions, the thought of spring can bring thoughts of strolls in the park and afternoon picnics; in Texas spring means three months of hot dusty wind whipping through our desert cities with a few days of flash flooding for good measure. Mother Nature uses this time to show Texas her worst, and although you and your family might be able to escape the elements, your home certainly can’t.

This season can be one of the most detrimental to Texas housing. For 20 years Designer Roofing has seen how the mix of heat, wind and moisture can really give a roof a beating, so it’s important to consider some roof maintenance after the unpleasant weather subsides. But just like any purchase that you make, you don’t want to be agonizing over buyer’s remorse after the job is already done – educating yourself about the best way to approach roof maintenance is essential, simple, and you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family is safe and cozy under a quality roof. Here are a few of Designer Roofing’s suggestions to ensure that you choose the best Dallas roofing company for the job.

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Dallas Roofing – Company Reputation

We at Designer Roofing know that roofing contractors should be judged on their track record. The best Dallas roofing company will have an enthusiastic following with plenty of documented praise for you to reference if you are interested in learning about how they work. The Texas weather puts roof repair companies in high demand, so we and other Dallas roofing contractors are listed online for you to consider. While researching your options, you should look for several things:

Did they educate the buyer?

Whenever you’re contracting work, you’re likely doing it because you don’t have any knowledge of it yourself. This puts you in a vulnerable position to be taken advantage of, so try to find a company that is willing to educate its clients. At Designer Roofing, we always fully disclose the extent of the roof damage and proposed solution to our clients before beginning maintenance.

Did a roofing contractor supervise the work?

There should always be a supervisor on-site monitoring the roof repair and making sure that the trained workers are doing a quality job. It’s easy for the job to get off track if there isn’t a supervisor guiding and evaluating the installation process. The supervisors at Designer Roofing have over 20 years of experience, and hold their workers to the highest construction standards.

Did they perform a satisfactory roof repair?

This might be the most important thing – did the Dallas roofing company do exactly what they promised they would? And even if they did an excellent job installing the roof, look to see whether they were respectful of your property by cleaning up after themselves. Not only are leftover materials unattractive, they can be extremely hazardous if you were to stumble over one the next time that you went up on the roof yourself. We at Designer Roofing know that home improvement can be dangerous, which is why we are dedicated to serving others with our talented group if roof installation experts – we also strongly believe in leaving a worksite in better condition than we found it.


The first thing is to evaluate whether the company uses the best roof repair materials. Research the brands of roof tile, metal, or slate shingles that they use and see whether customers are pleased with how that brand looks on their home, and protects the interior from rain. After you’ve confirmed the quality of the materials, make sure that this roofing contractor does an exceptional job of installation. The best shingles in the world aren’t going to do you any good if your contractor doesn’t know how to properly install them. Finally, evaluate whether the jobs they have done actually look good. We are one of the few Dallas roofing contractors who actively display records our wodk on our website so that you can actually see our handiwork in-person. We urge you visit some of the Dallas roof repairs that we have done over the past 20 years.

Insurance Coverage

Not every roofing job goes off without a hitch – just like in any profession, mistakes can happen, so you want to make sure that if one does happen the roofing company is prepared to compensate you for it. Every Dallas roofing company should be insured, so you want to make sure that the company has enough insurance to cover any damage that is done to your house in particular. This is the kind of information that you won’t always be able to find in online reviews, so you’ll need to take the initiative to ask your roofing contractor about his or her insurance policy. Designer Roofing is happy to disclose all of our insurance information, as well as our stellar installation safety record.

Choosing your Dallas roofing company

These are only a few of the criteria that you will use to help you select the perfect candidate to lead your roof repair. In addition to all of these points of evaluation, you should listen to your own instincts when selecting a Dallas roofing contractor. Meet the team that is doing the job, and see if they are the right fit for you. With a strong philosophy of quality work and respectful business conduct, Designer Roofing’s family-owned roof repair company has been installing safe, durable roofs for twenty years. We would love to talk to you about how we can serve your family with the protection of a safe home.

What our Clients are Saying

  • Robert G. Paul

    The roof is fantastic and I really appreciate the hard work and professionalism throughout the process. It was absolutely the right decision for my project. Feel free to hand out my information as a reference for your company should anyone ask, I am happy to help.

    Robert G. Paul
    Division President Dallas / Ft Worth / Austin Toll Brothers, Inc.

  • Rusty Cooper, Plano

    All I can say is – dealing with Aaron Lenhart and Designer Roofing of Texas was excellent. Aaron and his people were professional, knowledgeable and nice to work with every step of the way. I felt their price was fair and they delivered exactly as promised. What more can you ask for in the real world? They started on time, ended on time and the house looks great with the new style of tile. I have referred a few friends to them since then and so far, everyone has been pleased! 

  • Kumar, Frisco

    I was impressed throughout with your professionalism, experience and knowledge of the business. As my agent, you worked with my insurance company to get their approval, and I was delighted to see that you ordered specialized pictures of the house to make it easier for the insurance company to assess the damage and approve. Your team was experienced and they worked with a good work ethic to get the job done very quickly. This was key since you did not use novices to install the specialized Gerard roof ? your team was well trained. They covered the pool and daily used a magnate to clear the home premises of any metallic materials. You had no hesitation to ensure my complete satisfaction and sent in the experts to fix a couple of minor things that I wanted changed. Please accept my gratitude and congratulations for a job well done and a super service!! I shall be happy to recommend you and your company to anyone without hesitation. 

  • Pam and Rick, Frisco

    We just wanted to drop you note and tell you how much we enjoy the new roof. The style we chose with your help looks great. More importantly, the service of you and your team was outstanding. Your crew was attentive to the details and cleaned up well each and every day. And, to top it off, you started and finished when you said you would. Job well done!

  • Bing and Rachel , Plano

    We were battered by the windstorm of April 2008, which tore down our entire fence, a beautiful 10-year old tree, and a huge section of our composition roof. Designer Roofing came to our rescue and immediately patched the roof to prevent further weather damage. Despite a heavy workload brought on by the storm, Designer Roofing proceeded to replace our entire roof as soon as was possible. They replaced all fixtures and chimney flashings to perfectly match our new roof color, too. Designer Roofing was very professional throughout the job, helping us understand the reroofing process, eagerly answering our every question, and giving us the greatest value for our insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs. If we ever need a new roof again, Designer Roofing will be #1 on our list, and we would gladly recommend them to friends and family alike!