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A Premium Standing Seam Metal Roof for Your Home

When you want a bold look, then a standing seam metal roof, also called a sheet metal roof, is a great choice. These roofs are made of long panels of galvanized steel or aluminum, fastened together along the sides to create a “seam” that stands up from the rest of the roof. They come in a variety of finishes and colors, and the bold vertical lines create a sleek and elegant look for your home. Plus, steel panels are completely recyclable, so you can be confident that your roofing choice won’t contribute to landfill waste.

Standing seam metal roofs provide all the benefits of metal roofing:

  • They’re incredibly durable, require very little maintenance, and will last 50 years or more
  • They’re resistant to heat, hail, wind, and mold, and will not shrink and crack like composition shingles
  • They are heat-reflective and can lower your energy bills
  • They are naturally fire resistant

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Custom Standing Seam Metal Roof

At Designer Roofing we manufacture our own high quality standing seam z-panels on-site from Galvalume steel. This means we can provide custom-tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, create minimal waste, and ensure a perfect fit. Our steel panels have been tested by Underwriter Laboratories and are certified as Class 4 hail resistant, the industry’s highest rating.

Galvalume is the premium material for standing seam roofs. It’s made from a 55% to 45% ratio of aluminum to zinc alloy, with a small amount of silicon to ensure durable and even adhesion. The result is durable and naturally resistant to corrosion.

We source our high quality Galvalume steel from two suppliers, McElroy Metal and Berridge, which both offer a range of colors to suit any home. We receive the Galvalume steel in coils that we then turn into custom fit z-panels using our portable roll form machine. 

Benefits of Using Galvalume Steel for Standing Seam Roofs:

Galvalume has twice the corrosion resistance of traditional galvanized coatings of similar thickness under the same exposure conditions.

The aluminum keeps any corrosion that has occurred from spreading beyond the affected area to the rest of the panel

The high reflectance of Galvalume reduces heat absorption through the roof panels. Test results have qualified Galvalume as an approved roof product by the Energy Star Program .

Galvalume has an estimated lifespan of 40 to 60 years, nearly double the life span of galvanized steel.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Standing Seam Metal Roof

This Consumer Guide to Metal Roof Colors from MetalRoofing.Systems is a fantastic resource as you consider your color options for a standing seam roof. You can also check out our gallery for more pictures of beautiful standing seam roofs Designer Roofing has installed in Texas.

McElroy Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

McElroy Metals offers premium Galvalume coated steel painted with Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based paint. This type of paint has long-life color retention, is resistant to fading, can withstand extreme weathering and is mildew resistant.

McElroy Metal standing seam metal color option for your roof
McElroy Metal standing seam metal color option for your roof
Image courtesy of McElroy Metal

Berridge Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

Berridge Manufacturing Company is another supplier of premium Galvalume coil material. All Berridge applied colors have premium fluoropolymer coatings produced with full strength Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 resin. This coating makes the steel extremely durable due to the outstanding weatherability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation of the resin. In addition, the color finishes carry a 20-year guarantee against cracking, peeling and fading.

Berridge standing seam metal color option for your roof
Image courtesy of Berridge

Custom-Made Accessories for Your Standing Seam Metal Roof

Home with a custom standing seam metal roof installed by Designer Roofing
Custom standing seam metal roof installed by Designer Roofing.

Complete your home with custom matching roof accessories that are manufactured using the same standing seam metal panels used on your roof. At Designer Roofing we have the technology and know-how to fabricate custom gutters, downspouts and any other flashing accessories required to match your roof.

If you want draw more attention to a certain part of your roof, copper is a great option for an accent design. Copper roofing isn’t just beautiful – it’s also incredibly practical. Copper is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials you can install. Designer Roofing specializes in creating custom standing seam copper panels for areas such as spires, turrets, domes and gazebos. Copper finials provide an elegant finishing touch to any structure and are incredibly long lasting. Like a fine wine, copper gets better with age.

Custom standing seam metal on flashing and roofing accessories

Designer Roofing has been installing standing seam metal roofs in Dallas and North Texas for more than two decades, so you can be confident that we understand the details of how to install these metal sheets so they won’t buckle or leak. Please reach out to us if you’re considering a standing seam roof and you’d like some guidance!

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  • Rusty, Plano

    All I can say is – dealing with Aaron Lenhart and Designer Roofing of Texas was excellent. Aaron and his people were professional, knowledgeable and nice to work with every step of the way.

    I felt their price was fair and they delivered exactly as promised. What more can you ask for in the real world? They started on time, ended on time and the house looks great with the new style of tile. I have referred a few friends to them since then and so far, everyone has been pleased!

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    The roof is fantastic and I really appreciate Designer Roofing’s hard work and professionalism throughout the process. It was absolutely the right decision for my project. Feel free to hand out my information as a reference for your company should anyone ask, I am happy to help.

    Robert G. Paul
    Division President, Dallas – Fort Worth – Austin, Toll Brothers, Inc.

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    I was impressed throughout with Designer Roofing’s professionalism, experience and knowledge of the business. As my agent, you worked with my insurance company to get their approval, and I was delighted to see that you ordered specialized pictures of the house to make it easier for the insurance company to assess the damage and approve.

    Your team was experienced and they worked with a good work ethic to get the job done very quickly. This was key since you did not use novices to install the specialized Gerard stone coated steel roof. Your team was well trained: they covered the pool and daily used a magnet to clear the home premises of any metallic materials.

    You had no hesitation in ensuring my complete satisfaction, and sent in the experts to fix a couple of minor things that I wanted changed. Please accept my gratitude and congratulations for a job well done and a super service!! I shall be happy to recommend you and your company to anyone without hesitation. 

  • Stone coated steel metal tile roof

    Pam and Rick, Frisco

    We just wanted to drop you note and tell you how much we enjoy the new roof. The style we chose with your help looks great. More importantly, the service of you and your team was outstanding. Your crew was attentive to the details and cleaned up well each and every day. And, to top it off, you started and finished when you said you would. Job well done!

  • composite roofing by designer roofing

    Bing and Rachel, Plano

    We were battered by the windstorm of April 2008, which tore down our entire fence, a beautiful 10-year old tree, and a huge section of our composition roof.

    Designer Roofing came to our rescue and immediately patched the roof to prevent further weather damage. Despite a heavy workload brought on by the storm, Designer Roofing proceeded to replace our entire roof as soon as was possible. They replaced all fixtures and chimney flashings to perfectly match our new roof color, too.

    Designer Roofing was very professional throughout the job, helping us understand the re-roofing process, eagerly answering our every question, and giving us the greatest value for our insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs. If we ever need a new roof again, Designer Roofing will be #1 on our list, and we would gladly recommend them to friends and family alike!